Максим Голубев (carabaas) wrote,
Максим Голубев

Звезды кино

Lia Tora
Lia Tora 1929.jpg

Grace Lee Whitney
Grace Lee Whitney production still from Billy Wilder’s Irma la Douce (1963).jpg

Anita Ekberg
Anita Ekberg by Andre de Dienes.jpg

Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Rossellini by Steven Meisel _ Vogue UK, September 1989.jpg

Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich 1936, photo by William Walling.jpg

Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield.jpg

Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck photographed for Stella Dallas, 1937.jpg

Eva Morrison
Eva Morrison, 1910.jpg

Norma Shearer
Norma Shearer in Escape  (Mervyn LeRoy, 1940).jpg

Jinx Falkenburg
Jinx Falkenburg - c.1945.jpg

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